Amoeba Cellular/Algorithmic

Drum Trigger Sequencer



Alias VCOs

Super lo-fi VCO with CV controlled waveform and pulse width.

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Dirty Glitch VCO

A mega glitch module from hell. 1000 patches enabling use as everything from a contemporary VCO though to a satanic music box from hell!

Irukandji Glitch Drum / VCO

Hundreds of crazy lo-fi FM, glitches, wave shapers and video game arpeggiators .. all with a built in VCA and envelope generator!

Microbe Cellular/Algorithmic

Drum Trigger Sequencer



BEAST-TEK unique hand-crafted super lo-fi, glitch or noise eurorack modules. Breathe new life into your eurorack modular with brand new experimental sounds that haven't been heard before!

P-239 Hyper Fist VCO

Create wild post apocalyptic drones, glitches and wavforms with haunting 8bit lo-fi resonant feedback delay!