​Pixel Drum Desktop Digital Drum Machine

Double Dragon Dual complex LFO

​Pixel Drum Digital Drum Module

MUTAGEN Dual Bernoulli Gate plus Logic Gates

Transmuter MIDI Groove Box and Drum Machine Interface

Pathogen Trigger Burst generator and 4 channel pattern generator

P-239 Hyper Fist VCO

Create wild post apocalyptic drones, glitches and wavforms with haunting 8bit lo-fi resonant feedback delay! 

Irukandji Glitch Drum / VCO

Hundreds of crazy lo-fi FM, glitches, wave shapers and video game arpeggiators .. all with a built in VCA and envelope generator!

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Parasite Dedicated expander module for Amoeba

BeastBox MIDI Pedal Synth

Amoeba Cellular/Algorithmic

Drum Trigger Sequencer

​​Microbe Cellular/Algorithmic

Drum Trigger Sequencer


BEAST-TEK unique super lo-fi, glitch, noise and rhythm computer eurorack modules. Breathe new life into your eurorack modular with brand new experimental sounds that haven't been heard before!

Available as DIY kits or full assembled modules. Email info@beast-tek.com to place an order.

Dirty Glitch VCO

A mega glitch module from hell. 1000 patches enabling use as everything from a contemporary VCO though to a satanic music box from hell!