Parasite is a dedicated expander module for the Beast-Tek Amoeba module. Parasite attaches to its Amoeba host with a three pin cable via headers on the back of the module. 

Once attached to its host, Parasite provides direct control of two channels via two separate A/B sections. In algorithm mode Parasite controls Density, Length and Mutate of the target channel. In Euclid mode, Parasite injects a euclidean rhythm into the target channel with Density, Length and Shift/"Offset"(via the Mutate control).

Section A can control any odd numbered Amoeba channel and Section B can control any even numbered Amoeba channel via 4 position switches that hide themselves just below the panel to protect against accidental bumps during heavy wiggling sessions.

Up to four Parasites can be chained together to control a single Amoeba, providing full discrete control of each channel.