Transmuter - Drum Machine and Groove Box Interface

Transmuter is a bi-directional 8 channel MIDI to gate/trigger AND gate/trigger to MIDI packed into a single 10hp module. Transmuter was designed to get your external gear working together with your Eurorack modular so that you can expand your creativity and sonic palette without having to move to a bigger rack. Unlike most other MIDI to CV converters, Transmuter does not have a 1V/octave output for pitch which may seem weird at first .. BUT this is because Transmuter was designed to get external gear jamming alongside your modular without a DAW, instead of providing external control of your modular by a DAW, sequencer or keyboard.

Transmuter has an onboard one button MIDI learn function for quick, no mess mapping to your MIDI gear. Notes, continuous controller messages and their channels can all be detected and learned without connection to a PC. For more complex clock divisions, real-time messages, chord progressions and scales a Microsoft Windows based application provides the ability to unlock the full potential of Transmuter. The app allows access to and creation of all of the presets and possible configuration options. Configurations can be saved and loaded to a sysex file which can be downloaded directly into Transmuter by the windows app or by any MIDI tool with sysex capability such as MIDI-OX (refer to the full user guide for more details).

There are 8 presets for saving different configurations and the last selected preset is remembered at power on.

MIDI to Gate/Trigger Conversion

Don't want to waste precious HP on a Eurorack drum sequencer? Don't want to program beats on a tiny Eurorack module but have a MIDI drum machine or groove box with a kick-ass sequencer? This is where Transmuter steps in. Transmuter allows you to utilize your stand-alone MIDI drum gear to trigger beats on your euro rig OR extract and perform multiple divisions MIDI clock in addition to MIDI real-time start/stop/continue messages. The first two channels have an accompanying CV output for velocity or continuous controller, pitch wheel and after-touch messages so you can sequence CV or take charge with real-time knob movements. Transmuter lets your external gear take care of the beats or bass and let your modular take care of the lead, bass, granular, samples or drones .. all while keeping everything in perfect synchronization.

Gate/Trigger to MIDI Conversion

Want your Turing Machine, Amoeba, Marbles or any gate sequencer to control your Volca Kick/Drum, Drumbrute, Electribe? Want to be able to control effect pedals with MIDI inputs and modulate parameters or change patches from your modular? Want to be able to send MIDI Continuous Controller messages from your modular modulate and mess with your MIDI synth in real-time? Want to be able to control your external MIDI synth using generative techniques, play different chords just from a trigger/gate signal or play notes from a euro CV signal that is quantized to a scale? Yes, yes you do!!!
Transmuter has 8 trigger/gate inputs. Six of these inputs (1 to 3 and 5 to 7) accept analog or digital signals and can be used to send Velocity, Pitch Wheel, Continuous Controller etc messages. Just run a trigger signal through a VCA and into an analog channel on Transmuter and you can now control the Velocity of the MIDI note on messages to liven up your boring beats.
The remaining two inputs (4 and 8) are digital only and can handle handle gate/trigger signal duties - or serve as a trigger for sample and hold based quantize mode.